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Here I am with the week-end special “Focusing on…”. Today’s subject is a band which is really loved by most people worldwide, especially thanks to their extraordinary concept. They are Kiryu, formed in 2007 and composed by Mahiro Kurosaki (vo.), Mitsuki Sakai (gt.), Takemasa Kujou (gt.),…


Mahiro’s Birthday Live

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@PLL fans: Akane is definitly  - A   ^O^


@PLL fans: Akane is definitly  - A   ^O^

[TWITTER] Akane "Gott is tott, Gott ist da" 2014.10.12
Akane: "gott ist tot / god is dead" if you translate it directly. But the real meaning of it is different. "There is no Truth.". This is the correct meaning. The Japanese word "真理/shinri" translates as "truth" in English. But this isn't really what I want to say. "真理/shinri" and "真実/shinjitsu" are both close in meaning and yet different. Translating is difficult.
Akane: "gott ist da / god is here". No, that's wrong. "The Truth is here." This is what it means essentially.
Akane: I am not rejecting existing religious beliefs anymore. But I do not believe in any existing systems either.
Akane: I recognize the worth in placing your faith in something. Therefore, "gott ist tot" is an ideology that now only belongs to my past self. However, religious leaders are not gods. They are merely humans. And I still think it is wrong to worship and treat them like gods. It's mind control over nations and organizations. This is absolutely wrong.
Akane: How to find your own Truth? You have to open your heart to yourself. There is a door. There's nothing occult about this. And it's also extremely difficult. To trust in yourself, and to open your heart to yourself are two different things. The later is very, very difficult to do.
Akane: Therefore, it isn't something that anybody can do easily. I found that door. Thus I was able to believe in myself. I found the Truth. That's all. And, for sure it was very difficult. That's why doing as religious leaders command is what I call mind control.
Akane: This is all the more what state religion is. What we should despise are the teachings and guidance of those ill-intended religious leaders. The Truth isn't something you can learn from other people. Therefore, religious leaders have always been imposters. Because it's pleasant to control nations and organizations.
Akane: Religious propagation. That's the worst behavior. The Truth is something that should be necessary to those who need it. If you receive ill-intended religious teachings from childhood, a time where you haven't even developed your own self, you become trapped in a natural-like sort of mind control.
Akane: Men are not gods. But men are the ones who created the gods they speak of. But Truth does exist. I was able to find it. Therefore I was able to accept fate. And, this is not occult. Science is something occult-like.
Akane: One should absolutely not force the Truth they themselves found upon other people. There is no worth in Truth except for the one you find yourself.
Akane: Ever since I found the Truth, I've been learning the Sefirah. Even now, I still am. It's not occult, it's essential life science.
Akane: In the past, I used to adhere to the Qliphoth value system. Atheism, darkness, nihilism. Those were exactly the values I stuck to. There was nothing there but death for me to wait.
Akane: In the abyss of death I opened a door, and luckily I came back instead of dying. And now I'm trying to learn more in depth about the Sefiroth. It encompasses simple teachings that put an end to those mysteries. This is how I was able to free myself from atheism.
Akane: And, I believe this is a rather difficult concept to convey to Japanese people. I know that too. That's why the things I wanted to say were probably easier to understand to foreigners rather than my fellow Japanese people.
Akane: But I'm proud to be Japanese. But, I am not going to force this pride. Therefore, I think I'll simply continue to present my sense of values to others. I believe some day, it will be conveyed.
Akane: Not believing in yourself and doubting yourself are completely different things. Trusting yourself and accepting yourself are completely different things too.
Akane: Reality is everlasting. But, reality is reflecting in our eyes. I believe that people understand it differently according to their own interpretations. That's why there are so many religious wars all around the world.
Akane: A psychologist named Freud spent many years researching the longing for death. But his researches were not conclusive. The cause of the longing for death, is that humans cannot die while they are living. Therefore, they start to despair with life, and look for ways to die. That's what I believe. Death seems more pleasant than life. We'd take our chances on that possibility.

☆HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2014/10/14☆


L’origine de l’être humain appelé Akane.


La vérité est que j’avais l’habitude de m’aimer.

Mais avant que je le réalise, j’ai commencé à me haïr.

Lorsque j’ai pris conscience de la personne que je suis devenu, je me suis souvenu du « moi » au moment où je m’aimais toujours.

Le «…

Quand j’aimais les pommes…….. <3 Akane-chan <3