Day I Die
Hi, I read recently that Akane was dismissed from the hospital, and he's currently at home? How is his situation? Thanks!


Yes, he’s been dismissed from the hospital a while ago. Sho originally announced it during the first live they held following their comeback (on June 22nd at Shibuya CHELSEA HOTEL), but for some reason he only wrote about it on his blog last week.

I may translate the blog entry Sho wrote, but basically he said that Akane was doing well and living a healthy lifestyle with his family. Sho still cannot say when Akane will come back — if at all. Sho said that more than anything, he wants Akane to live his life the way he wants to live it, so he doesn’t want to urge him to come back too soon. He said that no matter what they would be friends for life.

Sho did mention on Twitter that he may have a good news to tell us soon. More details on that later.

By the way, I have been posting live reports of all their recent lives over at my personal blog les—fantomes


When they came back from hiatus, they played two lives as “Until the Day I Die" rather than "D.I.D.".

  • June 22nd, Shibuya CHELSEA HOTEL
  • June 29th, Osaka ROCK TOWN

On both days, the set list was exactly the same:

01. Until the Day I Die
02. the resolution
03. Ira
04. atheism


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D.I.D. Vocalist Akane has been discharged from the hospital!


D.I.D. Vo.茜(akane) has been discharged from hospital and has been taking rest at home. Isnt this exciting news?!

it’s a very great relief!!!!! Ganbare Akane -kun, i pray for you every day! <3

always &lt;3

always <3