Day I Die

Sep 01

D.I.D. @ Umeda Club Quattro 2014.08.30 (LAST)


Set list:

SE. 雲の巣 / Kumo no su
01. the Point of No Return
02. Good morning,MOTHER fxxker
03. I want to die
04. W.O.D.
05. $howtime in the [World’s end.]


I went to Osaka with a bit of a heavy heart thinking it would be the last time in at least a little while that I would get to see D.I.D.. 

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Akane, D.I.D.Umeda Club Quattro, 2014.8.30

Akane, D.I.D.
Umeda Club Quattro, 2014.8.30

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Aug 31

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Aug 30


Good thing: Akane was at tonight’s Osaka show too!

Bad thing: D.I.D. is now officially on indefinite break.

More details about today’s live as soon as I get home.

Aug 28

D.I.D. @ Ikebukuro Blackhole 2014.8.28 -


Set list:

SE. —-
01. atheism
02. the resolution
03. Good morning,MOTHER fxxker
04. acedia
05. W.O.D.
06. $howtime in the [World’s end.]


I had a feeling about this live from the beginning. When Sho posted a picture of himself, Tohma, Issei and Akane earlier this month, he also said that…



Akane sang at the live today!!!!!!
Report coming soon…

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